5 Unusual Parking Garages From Around The World

If you thought that a car garage is only used to store a car, then you're in for a surprise. If you take a trip around the world, you will find that your domestic and international neighbors are turning the parking garage concept on its head. Here are five of the most unusual parking garages from around the world.

A Car Silo in Germany

There is a car amusement park in Germany that has a 20-story silo full of cars. Calling it a supersized garage is an understatement. If you look at this car silo, it appears to look like a vending machine that is chock full of cars. German car buyers could pick up their car from this silo instead of from their dealership. A robotic arm travels up the silo tower and plucks the requested car from the lineup.

A Parking Cruise Ship in Tokyo

This parking garage is situated on a man-made island. It actually doubles as a tourist attraction in Tokyo. It is shaped to look like a cruise ship. This parking garage provides you with panoramic views of Tokyo. It also offers cafés, art exhibits, and shops.

A 65-story Parking Garage in Chicago

What makes this parking garage unique? It is 65 stories high. That is the size of many skyscrapers. This parking garage spirals up for the first 20 stories. It has room for 896 cars on each level. And you thought parking at the mall was difficult. Imagine spiraling up to try to find a spot when the garage is packed.

A Parking Garage with a Vintage Flair in Vancouver

Next time that you visit Vancouver, British Columbia, and you are searching for parking, you may bypass the Cordova Parkade. Why? Because this parking garage looks like anything but. Located in the downtown area of Vancouver, it blends in too well with the city's historic architecture.

A Robo Garage in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai boasts the world's largest automated parking garage. It handles 250 cars in one hour. When you look at this robo garage from the outside, it looks like it is a single car garage. But don't be fooled. This robo garage has the capacity to store 765 vehicles. Its automated handling ensures that every car is parked in the most efficient manner.

As you can see, the engineers who develop the concept of a parking garage have great imaginations. If you were to take a trip through the world's parking garages, you will find utilization, but perhaps most important of all, innovation. Contact a company like Allied Garage Door Co for more information.