Simple Tips For Saving On Your Heating Bill

The average American household spends a lot on heating each year, so anything you can do to lower that cost can help your family's bottom line. Moreover, if you can make those improvements with a minimum of money spent, you can further reduce your expenses. It's not enough just to be frugal though, so make sure that any investments you do make are targeted for the greatest possible benefit.

Reduce Your Furnace's Workload

If your furnace has to do more work in order to maintain the temperature in your home, you're spending more money on the energy being used. So reducing the amount of work it has to do can save you a considerable amount. The easiest way to go about this is to simply close vents in rooms that aren't being occupied, even if just for a few hours during the day.

With the vents closed, and the door closed, that room is likely to drop in temperature in relation to the rest of the house. Alternately, your furnace will be heating a much smaller space, which will result in lower costs overall. You can further reduce the amount of work your furnace has to do by lowering your thermostat a few degrees overnight. You won't be sacrificing much in the way of comfort, but you will be saving money on heating.

Basic Maintenance

Besides just reducing how much of your house is being heated, make sure that the air your furnace is moving can be moved as efficiently as possible. This will require some minor investments on your part, especially when it comes to replacing air filters. Even those rated for more than 30 days should still be changed out once a month; this is even more important if you own pets, smoke inside your home, or use a fireplace regularly. The added debris will build up in the filter and reduce the volume of air it can draw in.

Even with a clean air filter, and even if you replace that filter on time each month, your furnace will still lose efficiency if your air ducts aren't cleaned on a regular basis. Duct cleaning is a relatively fast process, and can make a major difference in the performance of your furnace. In addition, many HVAC companies will also include a free evaluation of your entire system during such a visit, but you'll need to inquire in advance to be certain.

Keeping your home from becoming frigid in the winter is important, but it's also expensive to maintain. Cutting down on the amount of work your furnace needs to do will help, and so will making sure that the furnace itself is in the best shape possible. For more tips, visit sites like