Is Your Washing Machine Not Draining? 4 Items That Could The Causing The Problem

One of the most inconvenient things is when your washing machine is not working. What could be more aggravating than having seven loads of laundry on your utility room floor that you cannot wash because the machine won't drain? The problem could range from a kinked hose that you can fix yourself to a major mechanical malfunction that will require the expertise of a plumber. Here are some potential problems that could be the cause of your washing machine problems:

Is the Machine Filling?

If your washing machine is filling with water, you can rest assured that the draining issue does not lie with the motor or belts. It would be a major issue if there was no operation in the machine at all, in which case draining the water would be the least of the problem.

Is the Water Hose Kinked?

One thing that could be causing the problem with water drainage is a drain hose that is kinked and causing the water standstill. One way to know is to look at the hoses behind your machine to see if any are bent and keeping the water from going out. Also, make sure nothing has fallen on it, causing pressure on the hose and keeping the water form draining.

Is the Tab that Connects the Lid to the Machine Broken?

Most washing machines have a tab that connects to the lid that locks it down. This tab is what controls the function of the machine. If the lid is left open, the cycle will not continue; this is a safety measure in most machines. These tabs can become either broken or loose. If the rest of your machine seems to be working, check the condition of the tab to see if that is the source of the problem.

Is the Water Pump Broken?

One of the more drastic problems is if the water pump on the machine is broken. This is the component of the washer that is responsible for the drainage of the water out of the basin and into the hose. If all of the other components have been checked and are in good condition, the water pump could be the problem. You will need the help of a plumber to fix this problem.

If you are having issues with the water draining out of your washer and you are not mechanically inclined, you may want to consider calling for plumbing services to help. If you have a high-efficiency washer, there could be additional issues that are causing problems, so let your plumber know which type of washer you have when making your service call.