Repaving Your Driveway: Know Your Concrete Options

When it comes to maintaining your landscaping and the exterior appearance of your home, your driveway is one of the most important elements. As such, when your driveway begins to look ragged, cracked and worn-down, it makes the rest of your home look less appealing. To remedy this situation, all you need to do is decide to repave your driveway. Before you jump right in and get started, get to know the different concrete options available to you. The material you choose is important achieving your desired aesthetic and functional goals. 

Ready Mix Concrete

If you have a large or lengthy driveway paving project, ready mix concrete may be a good option for you. Ready mix concrete is manufactured and mixed in a factory or plant rather than on-site for your project. 

Such a product is ideal for a large paving project as the lack of mixing at your home will save you time and effort. However, you will need to make sure that there is a plant that makes ready mix concrete within a few hours from your home as it will need to be poured right away after mixing. 

Stamped Concrete

If you want a unique and fun look for your new driveway project that helps your home to stand out from all the rest, look no further than stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is concrete that has patterns or texture to it. Some can even be made to look like other paving materials like cobblestone or brick. 

Also known as decorative concrete, stamped concrete can give your driveway a classic old-world appeal like brick or cobblestone. If you love the vintage feel and look of these materials, but cannot afford such an expense or do not have the time to commit to install them, decorative concrete is a viable alternative. 

Stamping does require a great deal of precision and perfect timing to ensure that the texture is added at the proper time to look the way you want it. As such, you will likely want to hire a concrete contractor like Van Doren Red-E-Mix rather than do it yourself. These experts will be able to ensure that your concrete driveway project turns out exactly the way you imagined it. 

When it comes to installing your new driveway, you can opt for plain old concrete that you mix yourself on-site, or you can choose one of these two viable options. Ready mix concrete can make your whole driveway project easier and faster, while stamped (decorative concrete) can help you to achieve your dream look for your driveway. So, make your concrete choice and get started as soon as possible.