3 Reasons You Need To Fix Your Lawn Grading – Before Disaster Strikes

Lawn or yard grading refers to the sloping angle of the ground around your home. Experts say that the yard should grade away from your home with at least two additional inches of downward slope per every 10 feet of yard. Minor grade problems, such as a higher mound in the yard, can likely be solved with a rake and/or shovel. For major grading issues, you want to contact an excavation and grading company before disaster strikes.

What type of disasters can happen with an improperly graded lawn?

Sunken Walkways and Driveways

A properly graded yard is designed to divert falling rainwater away from your home and towards the storm drains along the street. If your yard isn't properly graded, that water can end up pooling in a variety of places it doesn't belong. One of those places is under existing concrete walkway or driveway structures.

Running water can cause the soil under your walkway and driveway to erode over time. This can lead to portions of the structure sinking down lower than the sections still supported by stable dirt. Cracks can form in the concrete that ruin the appearance and pose potential tripping risks for you and your guests. The eroded area can also weaken the surrounding soil and make the other sections more likely to sink.

This problem can be fixed with a concrete contractor and some expanding foam. But that's an expensive fix for a problem that could be avoided.

Foundation Damage

If the thought of walkway damage doesn't scare you into having your yard properly graded, how about damage to the foundation of your home? That's another possibility thanks to the water that won't be running out of your downspouts and out to the curb.

Erosion of the soil around the foundation can in turn jeopardize the very structure of that foundation. Potential problems include leaning foundation walls and a flooded basement that is a breeding ground for dangerous mold. Fixing the foundation will involve a general contractor and his crew digging around your home and to try and strengthen your foundation. Again, it's a costly, messy process that you want to avoid if possible.

Falling Hazard

It might sound silly to call a poorly graded yard a falling hazard. But poor grading can lead to vastly uneven spots of yard that can trip up you, your children or the landscaper who is attempting to mow.

Lawns are meant to be places of fun and frolic. Get your yard grading sorted out so that no one has to risk a broken ankle just to dash across the grass. Talk to experts like Haas Construction for more information.