Natural Household Products That Clean And Unclog Your Garbage Disposal

While many homeowners wait for their garbage disposal to clog and then call for help from a plumber, there are many natural ingredients in your own house that can clean and maintain your garbage disposal, preventing clogs from ever forming. The combination of ingredients you use for your garbage disposal will depend on the state of the disposal.

When flushing your garbage disposal with these products, you may use any combination that will address the needs of your garbage disposal unit:

Coarse Sea Salt

Undissolved coarse sea salt rubs away stuck-on food particles that coat the inside of the garbage disposal. To clean the inside of your unit, combine sea salt with ice, then turn on the disposal and let the unit run. The garbage disposal will grind up the sea salt and ice inside. After a little while, turn on the hot water to dissolve any remaining pieces of ice and salt. 


Vinegar is naturally acidic and will eat away at the organic material sticking to the inside of the garbage disposal and the pipes that lead to it. Use vinegar to clear minor clogs. Vinegar also has a strong scent that can override powerful odors coming from the inside of the garbage disposal.

To deodorize your garbage disposal with vinegar, pour the vinegar into the garbage disposal and chase it down with boiling water. Let that sit for a little while, then turn on the garbage disposal and flush out the contents. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that is used to absorb smells all over the house. Baking soda also helps remove grease and sticky foods like melted cheese. To clean out your garbage disposal with baking soda, dump a generous amount into the garbage disposal and follow it with boiling water. The boiling water and baking soda will react by making bubbles, so be prepared for some frothing to overflow into your sink. Turn on the garbage disposal and let it run until the unit is clear. 

Citrus Rind

When ground up, citrus rind releases a powerful scent that covers up the smell of old food that may be coming from your garbage disposal. To prevent the rind from clogging the disposal, cut up the rind into very small pieces before chopping them in the garbage disposal. 

While plumbers can help clear out clogs in your garbage disposal, flushing your garbage disposal with these ingredients can prevent the clogs from ever occurring in the first place. To learn more, contact a company like Orange Coast Plumbing with any questions you have.