Your Exterior Residential Gas Lantern Mounting Options

If you are having a building contractor install gas lanterns on the exterior of your home, then you will need to decide on the design style you like best for the lantern's mounting brackets. The good news is that there is a wide variety of mounting brackets on the market today, and they all come in a finish choice that will match any gas lantern you choose.

Here are the mounting bracket options to consider for your home's new gas lanterns:

Post Mount Brackets

Post mount brackets allow your contractor to mount your home's new lanterns on posts at the edge of walkways or at the end of your driveway. The post bracket sits between the metal or wood post and the gas lantern's bottom. This type of bracket does not have any style, but is rather simply a way to attach the lantern to the post.

Pier Mount Brackets

Pier mount brackets are bottom mount brackets which are shaped like stylish piers. This type of bracket gives a nice style to your lanterns and works well with victorian style homes. 

Yoke Mount Brackets

Yoke mount brackets are a ceiling mounted bracket that connects to a wire "yoke" that surrounds the top of the lantern. This type of a mounting bracket is perfect for homes with a large porch with a gas lantern hanging from the ceiling.

Gooseneck Wall Mount Brackets

Gooseneck wall mount brackets are a rectangle mount on the wall that attaches to a dropping metal connection that connects to the bottom of the gas lantern. This type of mount is well matched with modern homes.

Swan Wall Mount Brackets

Swan wall mount brackets are shaped like a walking cane attached to a scroll on the top. The lantern is attached to the "handle" portion of the walking cane shaped end. This type of a mounting bracket goes well with craftsman style homes.

Flush Wall Mount Brackets

Flush wall mount brackets are small rectangle brackets that attach to the back of gas lanterns. The flush bracket will not be seen when you look at the lantern, and it will give the appearance that the lantern is mounted directly on the wall surface. This type of a mounting bracket works well with contemporary style lanterns.

Final Thoughts

By understanding each of the options you have for mounting brackets for your home's new exterior gas lanterns, you can choose the right style to match the look you seek. If you need additional advice about gas lantern installation, then you should speak with a professional gas lighting specialist, like those at Chicago Fireplace & Chimney, in your local area.