Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Oil Rubbed Bronze Plumbing Fixtures

Oil rubbed bronze is a chemically treated metal (often copper or brass) that's been given a chocolate brown patina for an antique, rustic look. Oil rubbed bronze's patina is sometimes referred to as a "living" finish because it wears away over time. As the finish wears down, different colors are revealed. Plumbing fixtures coated in oil rubbed bronze finish are both beautiful and delicate. Caring for these fixtures can be tricky. These tips will help you care for your oil rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures using basic, easy to find products.

Basic Cleaning

Wipe down your oil rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures with a damp soft cloth on a daily basis to prevent water stains from building up on the surface. This daily cleaning routine will help you avoid needing to use deep cleaning procedures that can potentially change the appearance of your plumbing fixtures.

Deep Cleaning

Never use abrasive products or scrub pads to clean your oil rubbed bronze fixtures. To deep clean the surface, mix together a paste made from vinegar, salt, and baking soda. Coat the bronze with the paste, then wipe the paste away with a soft, clean cloth. Rinse the surface of the fixture, then dry it when the fixture is thoroughly rinsed. Repeat as necessary.

Protect From Hard Water

If your home has hard water, protect your faucets and other oil rubbed bronze fixtures with a layer of clear paste wax. Rub on the paste wax with a dry clean cloth, then wipe the wax away with a second dry clean cloth. The resulting protective coating will prevent hard water from sticking to the surface of the fixture and staining it over time.

Protect from Scratches

Your plumbing fixtures may become scratched through repeated daily use. Since oil rubbed bronze is just a finish over a metal like copper, the scratches can reveal a very different color underneath the oil rubbed bronze finish. To return your plumbing fixture to its original color, apply a thin layer of colored furniture wax to the surface of the fixture. Purchase furniture wax that matches the color of the plumbing fixture as closely as possible. Leave the furniture wax on the fixture for a few minutes, then wipe it away with another dry, clean cloth.

For more information about how you can protect your oil rubbed bronze plumbing fixture, speak with a customer service representative at a trusted plumbing supply store in your area. You can also check out websites like for additional information if you're interested.