Four Tips To Help You Get Clean Potable Water From Rain Gutter Installations

If your home relies on wells and other resources for water, a rain gutter system can help you get clean potable water. There are also many things that you will need to do with your rain collection system. For clean drinking water, you will want things like filters and other features like floating intakes to ensure your water is clean. Here are some of the features you will want with your rain collection and gutter installation on your home:

1. Using Wider Gutters For Optimal Rain Collection

The rain gutters that you normally have installed on a home can be good for a rain collection system for minor uses like irrigation. If you want to have water for the plumbing in your home, you may want to improve the system by using wider commercial-type gutters, which will give your rain collection system more capacity for water.

2. Diverters On Downspouts To Remove The Largest Debris

You may also want to add diverters to the downspouts of your gutters. These systems are often called first-flush systems because they allow debris to be flushed out of gutters before the collection tanks begin to fill. They can also have small screen filters on them to help reduce the amount of debris that can get into your collection tanks.

3. Using Floating Intake Inlets In Tanks To Reduce Debris

You may also want to have floating intake valves inside the tank of your system. This is a valve that floats in the middle of the tank to get the cleanest water. With the intake valve in the middle, you will not have any floating debris getting into your plumbing or the heavy dirt and debris that is at the bottom of the tank.

4. Installing Pumps And Water Filtration To Clean Water From Tanks

You may also need to install a pump to get the water out of your system and provide you with water pressure. You will want to have a hardwired pump with a battery backup solution for this. You may also want to include a filter or water purification system to do the final filtering of your water. Even if you use filters, you will still want to sanitize the tanks from time to time to ensure that there is no bacteria growth in the water.

These are some tips to help you get clean water from your rain collection system. If you need to have the gutters and equipment installed for your home, contact a rain gutter service to get help installing your system.