How to Take Care of Your Roof in the Winter

In order for your home to maintain its sturdy structure, it must be protected from the top to the bottom, but one of the most important areas is the roof.  The roof protects everything underneath it so you should pay special attention to caring for your roof during inclement weather, and the winter is one particular season when your roof needs special care.  Instead of worrying about your roof this winter, get out there and prepare it for the weather ahead. Here are a few tips to help you get your roof ready for anything.

Inspect the Shingles

During winter months, you need to inspect your shingles to make sure they are not missing or loose.  If you have missing shingles you want to inspect your attic to make sure there is no water damage.  If there is no water damage, you can install new shingles without any additional work.  Be sure to purchase enough shingles just in case you find other missing shingles in the future.  If there is water damage to the attic after a thorough inspection, be sure to address the damage immediately.  Dry out any wet beams or insulation to prevent mold growth. 

Inspect the Gutters

Inspect the gutters and clean out any debris to allow the free flow and drainage of water.  Excessive standing water or ponding will damage the roof and, depending on the amount of ponding, will damage the surface wood underneath the roof.  Caulk any portion of the gutter that has leaks to prevent water damage to the foundation.  Make sure there is appropriate landscape sloping so the water that drains from the gutter deposits several feet away from the foundation of the home.

Inspect Flashings

Inspect flashing and make any repairs or replacements, since flashings prevent water from entering the home.  Install flashings in any area that is at risk of water entry.  Caulking will work for small areas, but for large areas, you will need flashings for additional protection.  During your inspection, determine if overlapping of flashing is needed.

Winter weather can be harsh on your home.  Prolonged weather lasting for several days, such as snow or heavy rain can be detrimental to your home if it is not winterized.  You should make every effort to take care of your roof in the winter to prevent costly damage and repair.  Should you find your roof in need of any repair, consider looking into local roofing supply companies, such as American Building & Roofing Inc, to get what you need.