3 Things That Can Destroy Your Roof

You depend on your home to keep you safe and secure from the elements outside. Whether it be rain, snow, sleet or hail, your roof is there to keep you nice and dry inside. However, there are a lot of things that can end up damaging your roof and lead to costly repairs. The best thing you can do is have your roof inspected from time to time to check for possible damage. To help you better understand what types of things could end up damaging your roof, check out the three things below.

Yard Hazards

While you might not think much about a few sticks lying around your yard now, those sticks could end up turning into a major disaster when the wind starts whipping around. If you have a major storm sweep through the area, all of those sticks could be throw about and damage your roof, windows and doors in their wake. One stick can tear shingles and puncture holes quicker than you realize. If you have any debris in your yard, you need to get it picked up and put somewhere out of the way to minimize damage to your home.


Squirrels, bats, chipmunks and any number of other pests try to find a nice, warm place to call home over the winter. Any little ripple in your ridge vent is an entry point for these pests to make their way inside. They can squeeze through some of the smallest holes imaginable. You need to have the ridge vent inspected and replaced with special materials to minimize pest damage.


Hail can definitely do a lot of damage to your roofing and siding. It can leave holes and dents in its wake that could cause water to leak inside of your home. Once the water penetrates the attic, it is only a matter of time before that water seeps through and into the rest of your home. You need to have someone come out and inspect the property after a major hailstorm sweeps through. Better to be safe than to assume nothing is wrong when there might be something far worse than you think.

If you have dealt with any of the things above, you might want to get your roof inspected for possible damage. You are better off taking care of it now than you are trying to figure out how to get it taken care of later on when more problems have occurred. Allowing your roof to remain damaged could cost you more in repairs than you realize. Be proactive about it and save yourself a lot of hassles and headaches. For more information, contact a roofing company, like All American Roofing Incorporated or another location.