Home Redesign: 4 Helpful Tips For Choosing Marble Countertops

When it comes to selecting a surface for the kitchen or bathroom, many homeowners opt for marble. The natural stone has been popular for years due to its beauty and strength. While it may seem easy to choose a marble countertop, that's not always the case. There is a lot of variation to marble, so it can be difficult to choose the right countertop for your home. But don't fret, it doesn't have to be that way.

With these four tips, you can make choosing the perfect marble countertop easy:

1. View Samples in Person

You should always view marble in person. Looking at pictures of the product can be misleading, as the color and vein pattern may be different. Additionally, make sure that you are viewing slabs of marble. A small section—or sample—of the marble may be different. After all, marble is a natural stone; so its coloring and patterns can vary widely from sample-to-sample or slab-to-slab. So always make sure you view the marble by the slab and in-person.

2. Ask for Seamless

When shopping for your marble countertops, make sure that you ask the dealer for seamless. A large seam running through your countertop can really make it look odd, as the veining and color pattern could drastically change. Additionally, seams lessen the value of the countertop and your home itself; so it is always best to get seamless if you can. If you cannot get a seamless piece of marble, try to match them up as best you can. In addition, try to make sure the seam sits in a less noticeable place.

3. Know Slab Thickness

Another important tip is to know how thick you want your slabs of marble. While thicker slabs are sturdier and worth more, they might be too heavy. So if you plan to install marble on existing structures, make sure these structures are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the marble. If in doubt, always consult with a contractor first. After all, you don't want to purchase it only to find out that it will break your cabinets.

4. Stick to One Sheen

Finally, make sure you stick to one sheen on your countertops. While two different sheens may seem like a cool idea, it will be a very noticeable difference. Additionally, different sheens require different upkeep and cleaning methods. So always stick to one sheen for your countertops.

Shopping for marble countertops might be a little intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. With some knowledge and good eye, you can easily find the perfect piece of granite for your home—and you might even have fun while doing it.