Tips On Picking The Best Business Sign Fonts

When you're creating a business sign, you want to create a professional and appealing style that will attract customers. However, if you aren't careful with your fonts, you'll end up losing business. The following tips can help you design a truly great sign.

Avoid Overused, Silly Fonts

Have you ever seen a sign that utilized such an ugly font that you avoided the business? It happens, especially if you rely on overused fonts that have become a bit of a laughingstock. For example, Comic Sans is often derided as an awful, overused font that looks careless and childish.

Other fonts that you should avoid include:

  • Arial – flat and overused, often considered "lazy"
  • Papyrus – unprofessional looking and silly
  • Brush Script – outdated and rarely appeals to younger people
  • Curlz – much too childish for a professional business sign
  • Vivaldi – visually appealing, but is very hard to read

These crimes create an unprofessional and unappealing look that will drive people away from your business. Most of them are only appropriate on certain creative projects and even then only rarely.

Choose A Font That Suits Your Business

When choosing a main font for your sign, you need to create one that will reflect your business. The main font will be prevalent on the largest and most important words and needs to be impossible to miss. A few fonts that work well for specific or general business signs include:

  • Bella – creates a contemporary, geometric flash that is perfect for technology-based companies
  • Eames Black Stencil – an increasingly popular stencil font that looks great on a variety of businesses, especially hair salons
  • Didot – simple and easy to read, it is perfect for industrial businesses, such as cement plants
  • Mrs Eaves – connects well with online customers, due to its tie with WordPress
  • Rooney – personable font that looks great on any business sign

Carefully Mixing Font Styles

After choosing a font to use for the largest and most important words on your sign, you need to pick a few extra fonts to add variety. Keeping it all in one font will be incredibly boring! However, carelessly mixing fonts will result in a variety of design faux pas that will make your sign ugly.

Consider these tips when mixing fonts:

  • Contrast styles, such as blocky fonts with calligraphy-style fonts
  • Keep the font in the same family (such as Roman and Italicized fonts)
  • Mix textures, such as thick fonts and thin fonts
  • Keep the font proportions about the same
  • Mix typefaces with similar proportions and give each a different role.

Keep these font tips in mind when designing your sign and you won't go wrong! And your beautiful sign will draw in plenty of customers, instead of repelling them. Should you need help installing your new sign, contact a company like Hickory Sealing & Striping.