How To Install Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Recessed medicine cabinets are preferable to wall mount cabinets because they save space and look more sleek. They are made to fit within the cavity between standard walls. This means you can cut into the wall, and install the cabinet directly within the drywall. Of course, installing a recessed medicine cabinet is a lot harder than just hanging a wall mount cabinet. It requires more tools and precision, but it is still a relatively simple DIY project. This article explains how to install recessed medicine cabinets in drywall and what tools that you need for the job.

Creating the Hole

First, you need to confirm that your studs are 16" apart. This the standard distance between the center point of vertical studs. If they are, look for a cabinet system where the shelving units are 14-15" wide. These will be the most common since they are specifically designed to fit within standard walls. Decide where you want your cabinet to be. Then, use a stud finder to determine where the vertical studs are. Mark the wide vertical lines of the studs and then use push pins to attach the paper template that is provided in the cabinet kit. Trace the template on the wall with a pencil and then remove it.

Start by cutting a hole in the very center of the rectangle with a drywall saw and make sure that the cavity is indeed empty. There might be foam or fiberglass insulation, but these can be easily removed. A drywall saw will cut through drywall with great ease, but it won't cut through wood. Be careful to not poke through the drywall on the other side of the wall cavity. Once the rectangle is cut, you should remove any insulation and vacuum out the cavity.

Installing the Cabinet

If your cuts and measurements were accurate, your cabinet should fit perfectly into the cavity that you cut. There might be a little bit of wiggle room, but this will be fixed when you attach the screws on the sidewalls of the medicine cabinet. These screws are provided with the cabinet and go right in the predrilled holes. Since you will be drilling them directly into the wall studs, this should be straightforward. Check you door to make sure it swings open and closed easily. Clean off the mess on your counter and just like that you will have more storage space and an extra mirror in your bathroom.