Benefits Of Choosing Polished Concrete For Your Hotel Entryway

When people first walk into your hotel, they take in your entryway and use it as a guideline for what they can expect if they rent a room. This means you want to make sure your entryway offers a bright, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere. Carpet in a hotel entryway can be a disaster as it wears down from traffic quickly, and hardwood or granite flooring can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain. If you want to impress your potential guests, polished concrete as a flooring option can provide you many benefits. 


If you think concrete comes in a single drab, gray hue, think again. Polished concrete can be finished in a variety of hues and designs and can even be polished to look like marble or granite. You can stain plain concrete in a beautiful maroon, black, blue, or even golden hue, and you can even choose anywhere from a matte to a shiny polish. With so many options for finishing for concrete, the results can reflect the atmosphere you want to project beautifully.


Since concrete is a very durable material, it requires very little maintenance. Once polished, you will not have to reapply polish on a regular basis. Simple sweeping and wiping of the surface to clear away debris and stains is usually all you need to do to keep the surface smooth. If you'd like, you can place rubber-bottomed rugs (for traction) just on the inside of doorways, down hallways, and directly in front of your hotel's front desk to minimize traffic wear. Your contractor can recommend surface cleaners you can use on polished concrete to help it maintain its glorious sheen.


Whether you want to do a multi-tone stain on your hotel entryway's concrete flooring design or you want a basic floor with a simple sheen, you will find that concrete flooring is very cost-effective. A high-quality finish is comparable to a high-end carpet or tile install with a cost around $6-$12 per square foot. Since you can expect your polished concrete floors to last for many decades, you can save even more money by avoiding replacement costs that you may have with other styles of flooring. You can also save money on lighting your entryway if you choose a high-sheen polish for your concrete, as the reflective surface will make existing lighting even more grand.

You want your hotel entryway to stand out among your potential guests. Let polished concrete make a positive impact on your presentation.