Using An Old Dryer? Replace It To Increase Your Number Of Options

The appliances in your home have a limited lifespan, even if they can last for a decade or two. If you have not had serious problems with your current dryer, but you know that it is old, you should consider replacing it before you must go days without a working machine. Upgrading to a new dryer will usually lead to energy savings as the newest models often use the newest technology. It is also important to understand that a new dryer gives you so many options when it comes to regular usage.

Refresh Cycle

One of the features that you should be able to find in newer models is a refresh cycle. This is the perfect setting for when you have plans to head out in a short period of time, but the outfit that you want to continue wearing has started to wrinkle and may even give off a somewhat undesirable odor. Your normal solutions may include changing into a new outfit or trying to iron out the wrinkles. But, throwing it all into the dryer and turning it on refresh will typically use a steaming method for cleaning and wrinkle removal.

Energy Saver

Some people want to have their clothes dried quickly, and this is perfectly fine. But, many dryers have an energy saver feature that allows you to dry clothes with low heat and low energy consumption. It is like when you consistently lower the thermostat on an air conditioner, each degree costs more to reach. High heat requires more power consumption than drying clothes with warm air for a long time.

Wi-Fi Capable

One of the most interesting things about dryers is the fact that some of them are Wi-Fi capable. When connecting the dryer to a home automation system, you can keep your clothes fresh even while you are gone. This makes it so that you can turn on a dryer cycle before heading out without having to worry about wrinkles. It is an ideal addition for a busy individual who may not spend that much time at home because it gives them the opportunity to wash and dry batches of clothing from a remote location.

Although some of these features are more of a luxury than a necessity, you should not pass up the ability to enjoy these new and beneficial features when you need to replace your old dryer anyway. Keep this in mind the next time that you're shopping for major appliances for your home.