Adopting a Rabbit? Build a Gate in the Front Yard to Give Them Free Roam

Whenever you adopt a pet, you need to transform your home into a place that is ready for them. Rabbits may not be as popular as cats or dogs, but they can still be great companions. You will want to provide them with a hutch for sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom, and it should be in a climate-controlled area if you live outside of a mild climate as the weather can get too drastic for them to be comfortable. If you want to give your rabbit the ability to get some fresh air outside while roaming around, you should consider building a gate in the front yard to give them this whole space for playing without any risk.

Build High Enough to Prevent Escaping

The first detail that you need to take into consideration is the height in which to build the fence. Most residential areas will have limitations for how high you can build the fence, so you should check with your local rules to make sure you are not unintentionally making plans to break them. Another thing to know is that rabbits cannot jump higher than two feet or so, which means the fence must be higher. This means a three- to four-foot fence should be able to keep your rabbit from jumping over without a problem.

Avoid Wide Gaps Between Pickets

Rabbits are able to squeeze through some small gaps. It is important to avoid gates that have large gaps as this will just give your rabbit an opportunity to escape the yard, especially when they are young. It is ideal to look at the exact breed of rabbit you intend on adopting before committing to a gate. This will give you the information you need to know how large of a gap you can get with confidence.

Keep Your Rabbit Safe and Sound

When you build a gate, you will also want to make sure the entire area is fenced in. If it is already fenced, you will want to work with the professionals you hire to make any necessary repairs to damaged areas. All it takes is a weak picket to be pushed aside by a curious rabbit for them to squeeze through. It may even be necessary to fill in the gaps of an existing fence to keep your rabbit safe and sound.

Building a rabbit-proof gate is just what you need to give your rabbit a safe place to enjoy the outdoors. Learn more by contacting companies like Anvil Iron Works, Inc.