Add Hardwood To Your Custom Home To Maxmize The Selling Price

If you want to get the most out of your custom home, you should definitely consider upgrading your flooring. Hardwood flooring can dramatically change the style of each room in your custom home. For some custom home builders, the most important fact is that hardwood flooring adds tremendous value to the property. This is key for builders who plan on selling the properly. Of course, not all hardwood products are the same. This article explains why real hardwood floors are still a great choice:

Real Hardwood vs. Other Options

Real hardwood is becoming a little rarer when it comes to home construction. This is partly due to the fact that some of the laminate flooring products have very convincing fake wood prints. Since laminate floors require much less maintenance, they are very desirable to some homeowners. Eco-conscious buyers are also wary of buying hardwood floors because of deforestation and the scarcity of certain hardwoods that are commonly used in floor construction. Luckily, there are a number of sustainable fluorine manufacturers that sell stylish, durable, and eco-friendly recycled products.

Sustainability of Real Hardwood

As long as you buy a sustainable hard wood species, you can actually have great peace of mind knowing that you have an eco-friendly product. First of all, real hardwood floors require minimal chemicals and glue to make. That is, The actual manufacturing of the flooring planks is a sustainable process compare to the manufacturing of many synthetic flooring options. Wood is also an eco-friendly product because it can be repurposed and recycled. First of all, you can refinish your hardwood floors many times over the years, giving them a long lifespan compared to other synthetic flooring materials. Also, if you ever do tear out your wooden floors, the planks can be recycled and reused. You should really have no qualms when it comes to buying real hardwood floors for your property.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Real hardwood is also a great product for homeowners because it dramatically increases the value of your property. It will look great on real estate listings and definitely add more value to your custom home. The mere fact that your floor is made out of real wood will attract buyers. This is particularly true with luxury homes. Appraisers will take this into account when assessing the value of your home.

These are just some of the many reasons that custom home builders choose real hardwood flooring. Contact a company like Genuine Home Builders Inc for more information and assistance.