The Complicated World Of Boat Lifts: No “One Size Fits All” Option

Boat lifts are not that complicated a thing, are they? If you start researching boat lifts, you will find that they are much more complicated than you expected. That said, how do you know what to buy for your own boat? Here are some types of boat lifts and their descriptions, as well as some helpful tips for buying a boat lift for your own boat:

Boathouse Lifts

If you have a boathouse, it will protect your boat against some types of damage. However, it will not keep your boat out of the water in the event that the water freezes over, or a major storm manages to pull your boat out of the boathouse stall. For that, you need a boathouse lift. The boathouse lift is a series of at least four pulley systems and galvanized steel cable, which attaches to a lift system. You have to manually raise and lower the boat from/to the water. The pulleys are attached to the roof of the boathouse.

Lake Lifts

Lake lifts encompass two kinds of boat lifts, both of which are dockside. One type lifts and lowers watercraft into and out of the water. The other kind helps you roll the boat out of the water onto dry land and vice versa. If you own the dock, you can install the lift/lower variety. If you do not own the dock, you can utilize the roller-to-land variety.

Pile Mounted Lifts

These are boat lifts that are literally mounted to pylons in the water. They provide a lot more stability. Because they also lift your boat high out of the water, they keep your boat from accidentally drifting away. They are an excellent option for large boats and small yachts.

Dock/Seawall Lifts

These lifts are for small watercraft. They help lift your boat, canoe, jet ski, etc. out of the water and onto the dock or seawall. As long as the waterway is not experiencing flood conditions, your small watercraft can safely sit on the dock until its next use.

Elevator Lifts

These are lift kits that can convert almost any manual lift system to an electrical/automated lift system. If your boat is just too much to lift, or if you are unable to lift the boat (even with help), an elevator lift is an excellent addition to any lift system you currently use. They are also an excellent option for yachts and exceptionally large boats.


It is a strange word, considering that a davit is nothing more than a boat crane. Usually, if you need one davit, you will definitely need two. One lifts the front end of the boat, while the other lifts the back end of the boat. Used in tandem, they should be your go-to option when you own and operate a sea-going yacht or fishing boat.

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