Remove Soot And Eliminate Odors From The Inside Of The Gift Shop That You Own

If a small fire recently erupted in the gift shop that you own and soot is covering wooden shelving units and the nylon carpet's fibers, plus a portion of the carpet is wet due to dousing the fire's flames with water, the following restoration steps will assist with reversing the signs of damage and eliminating unpleasant odors. 


  • oscillating fan
  • face mask
  • shop vacuum cleaner
  • portable heater
  • wood cleaning agent
  • lint-free cleaning cloths
  • towel
  • carpet cleaner
  • rotary scrub brush
  • odor neutralizing pellets
  • stiff-bristled scrub brush
  • comb

Collect Soot And Dry Damp Carpeting

Open the windows in the shop and plug in an oscillating fan to assist with removing stale odors. Put on a face mask if the scent of soot is still heavy in the gift shop. Use a shop vacuum cleaner's hose to collect loose soot from the surface of each shelving unit and the carpeting. A shop vacuum cleaner will also assist with eliminating moisture from the carpet that is an effect of using water to put out the fire. If the carpet is thorougly saturated with water, set up a couple portable heating units inside of your shop. 

Clean Wood And Carpeting And Add An Odor Neutralizer

Spray or pour a wood cleaning agent that contains an odor neutralizer onto a lint-free cleaning cloth. Move the cloth over wooden surfaces that were previously exposed to soot. Dry the wood with another cloth or a towel. Spray a carpet cleaning agent onto the nylon carpeting. Wait for the carpet cleaner to penetrate the carpet's fibers for a few minutes. Work the agent deep into the fibers by moving a rotary scrub brush across the carpet's surface. After dirt has been eliminated from the carpet, use a portable heater to dry the carpet. 

Sprinkle a product across the carpet that is designed for use on carpets and that is formulated to neutralize odors. Leave the carpet granules or powder on the carpet for a few hours. Afterward, use a shop vacuum cleaner's hose to suck up the odor neutralizing product. Use a stiff bristled scrub brush or a comb to fluff up nylon fibers that were flattened during the cleaning steps. Be sure to brush or comb the fibers in the same direction that the surrounding carpet fibers are facing. 

If you encounter any severe damage to your building that you cannot repair on your own, contact a professional fire restoration company for assistance.