Choosing The Right Extinguisher And Using It In A Cloud Storage Facility

Computer fires are a problem because they are electrical in nature and can be hard to control. This danger is one that owners of a cloud storage facility center may find themselves suffering if they aren't too careful. That's why it is important to understand fire protection methods and how to use them properly.

Poorly Cleaning A Computer Is A Fire Hazard

Cloud storage facilities typically run all day and require high-powered fans to stay cool and free from fire dangers. However, dirty computers or those that aren't properly maintained can very easily end up a fire hazard. This danger occurs because the fan blades get too dirty and struggle to operate. As they struggle, the computer is more likely to get hot and break down.

The risk of this danger is high in a cloud storage facility because they are typically set up and only moderately maintained by a small crew. They may not have time to clean the computers or even think to do it. While regular cleanings help reduce this risk, it is also important to be prepared for when a fire does end up striking the computers.

Why A Good Extinguisher Is So Important

A high-quality Co2 fire extinguisher is a great addition to a cloud storage facility because they can help avoid the spread of dangerous fires. They are typically a good choice for computer centers because they won't interfere with the electrical nature of the computer.

More importantly, they won't cause them to break down or suffer from severe problems. Storing one or more in a computer center is a good idea, particularly if they are placed near the computers but closer to a facility exit. This location makes them easier to access.

How To Use One

When fires impact the computers of a cloud memory facility, it is important to get the fire out as soon as possible. The best way to do that is to immediately extinguish it with fire control systems. Water-based ones are likely to both ruin the computers and cause the fire to get worse due to the electrical nature of it. That's why it is important to use a Co2 fire extinguisher.

When starting up the extinguisher, make sure to make several passes at the fire and to control its spread. Work towards the center of the fire and carefully apply bursts of controlling agent to the affected spot. Make sure to have somebody turn off the electricity in this area to prevent the fire from getting worse and affecting other computers.

By following these fire protection standards, it is possible for a cloud storage facility manager to avoid losing too much data. Saving the servers and their control computers can help make it easier to find information or back it up later.