A Submersible Well Pump Makes It Possible For You To Have A Deep Well On Your Property

Installing a well on your land can sometimes be more difficult than you originally imagine. In many areas, the water under the land is abundant and fairly close to the surface. If you own land where the water is hundreds of feet below the surface, you'll face some challenges with installing a well. However, it's still possible to have well water at that depth with the help of a submersible pump. Here's how the pump works.

A Submersible Pump Sits At The Bottom Of The Well

To get water to the surface from hundreds of feet below, the pump has to be placed at the bottom of the well. A submersible pump is lowered through the well casing and positioned near the source of the water. It pumps the water up and into a holding tank that distributes water through your house. When the level of water drops in the tank, the pump is triggered to turn on and deliver more water. There are different types of submersible pumps. They come in different sizes and have different outputs so you can find the right pump for the water supply and your home's needs.

Submersible Well Pumps Are Very Durable

While it may sound like a submersible pump could be a source of ongoing problems, they usually work for many years without malfunctioning. The pumps are made of stainless steel, so they are strong and long-lasting. Your pump may work for several years and not give you problems until it fails from age and needs to be replaced. When the pump fails, then your water supply is cut off, and you'll need to have the pump replaced as soon as you can. Possible signs of an impending pump failure include air in the water supply that causes sputtering at the faucet and a rise in your electricity bill that indicates the pump is working harder.

Under normal conditions, a submersible pump is very energy efficient and doesn't cost much to operate. One way to keep the pump in good shape is to have your well serviced annually. An annual inspection and service call ensures the other parts of the well, including the electrical system and pressure tank, are working properly, so they don't affect the performance of the pump. The service professional may also raise the pump to examine it for signs of impending problems.

A submersible well pump makes it possible for you to have a deep well on your property and a steady supply of water. Because of the way the pump is hidden far below the ground, you'll need professional help installing the pump and making any repairs needed in the future. However, thanks to the durable design and the fact that the pump is submerged and self-primes itself, repairs may not be needed for many years.

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