Getting Your Furnace Ready For The Winter

With the onset of cooler weather, it is time to think about the fall chores and getting ready for winter. Making sure your furnace is ready before you need it is a good idea. If you wait until the first cold day to turn it on, you might find out that it needs some service or, worse, replacing at a time when you really don't want to be without heat. 

Time For A Test

How can you test your furnace? The easiest way is to simply turn it on and make sure it is running. While this will only tell you if it is working or not, it will not tell you if it is running efficiently. If the furnace starts up all right, you should schedule an inspection and have a furnace technician come out to check all the functions and the firebox. Knowing that it will run is fine, but knowing that it is safe to run is very important. 

Cleaning Your Furnace

Once the tech has looked at the furnace, he may recommend a good cleaning for the system. Typical cleaning for a gas- or oil-fired furnace involves cleaning the firebox, changing the filters, and generally getting it ready to use. It is a common service, and they can do it in a couple hours if there are no complications. Damage to components inside the system can be a problem but replacing a fuel nozzle or a controller is far cheaper than replacing the entire furnace. If you are burning oil, the technician will, in most cases, change the fuel filter on the line coming into the furnace as well. If there is a lot of debris in the filter, it can indicate that there is a lot of sludge or other contaminants inside the fuel tank, but if the filter is doing its job. Putting a clean filter on and checking it in a couple months will help determine if the tank is getting bad enough to need replacing. 

Replacing A Malfunctioning Furnace

If you find that your furnace is not running right and you have a technician inspect it, you may find that it needs to be replaced. If that is the case, you will need to find a heating company that has the time to get the job done for you. Summer is a better time for projects like this for most heating companies. Typically they have fewer jobs and more available time for extended projects when people are not using the heat. If they offer heating and air conditioning, they may still be busy in the warmer months, Even with the time and scheduling issues, it is still easier to replace the entire furnace in the summer and not wait. 

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