Well Pump Care And Maintenance Tips Homeowners Need To Know

As the debate rages on between camps for and against the fluoridation of water, homeowners with their own water wells are in a unique position. Because they are not part of a municipal system that controls whether fluoride is added or omitted, they are able to make their own decision about the risks or benefits of fluoridated water.

If you are one of the more than 13 million homes across the country that has this freedom to decide because your home is equipped with a private water well, here some important care and maintenance tips you can use to ensure that it will continue to provide pure, safe water for your family for years to come. 

Repair leaky faucets, toilets, and pipes immediately

Dripping faucets, toilets that seem to be constantly running, and all types of plumbing leaks will force the well pump to cycle on and off more frequently than it otherwise would. Over time, this cycling creates excessive wear on the electrical switches and components in the well pump and resorts in a shortened life span and the need for expensive pump repairs or replacement. 

Use caution during lightning storms

Lightning strikes are one of the most common reasons for sudden well pump failures. If electrical power to the well pump is on during a lightning storm and a bolt of lightning strikes in the immediate area, the voltage can damage or ruin the well pump. 

Homeowners who want to avoid this should make sure their electrical system is properly grounded to help reduce the risk. In addition, the homeowner can choose to turn off power to their well pump during a lightning storm at their electrical panel to prevent this type of damage. When turning off power to the well pump, however, it is also important to also turn off electric water heaters to ensure that falling water levels in the tank do not cause damage to the electrical heating elements. 

Invest in regular professional maintenance 

Regular professional maintenance of your well pump is a key factor in making sure that your family will have constant access to a reliable supply of pure, safe water for drinking and other uses. Annual or semiannual servicing can address small problems before they cause an interruption in the home's water supply. 

Homeowners who have maintenance, repair, or replacement questions concerning their well pump, pressure tank, and other components in their water supply system can get the answers they need by contacting a reputable, local well pump contractor. 

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