How Vinyl Decking Is Going To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

If you have an old, breaking down wooden deck you want to replace, it's time to consider the benefits of vinyl. There's no reason to spend your time every spring treating the deck, staining it, and looking for areas that have rotted. Vinyl is strong and can give you a beautiful deck for your yard that will last for years with little maintenance. A vinyl deck can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, and you aren't going to be putting money into it every year with new stain, boards or paint. When you want to give your yard a fresh look, vinyl decking gives you options when it comes to style and color.

Fade Resistant Decking Material

Over time, a wooden deck fades and needs to be stained almost yearly if it is in the direct sunlight. With vinyl decking, the material is resistant to fading. If you choose vinyl, you will be able to pick from a number of colors and you won't have to worry about the color fading. You'll have a great looking deck that will complement your home.

Splinters Don't Exist

With wooden decks, you have to be concerned about splinters. For the safety of your children, pets and for yourself, a deck that doesn't splinter is always more beneficial. Vinyl decks are highly resistant to erosion and you won't need to replace planks like you do with a wooden deck.

Maintenance on Vinyl Decks Is Low

While you will need to clean your vinyl decking after a long winter, there isn't much you need to do to keep your deck looking great. During the summer, watch for mold growth if you have excessive rain and wash this off as needed. Keeping your deck clean is all you need to do for routine maintenance. You aren't going to have to worry about insects boring into the deck, causing it to be unsafe.

Affordability of Vinyl Decking

It isn't going to cost you much more to choose vinyl decking over pressure treated wood. The savings you will have within the next year or two on maintenance are worth any additional upfront cost. It's a safe, affordable alternative to pressure treated wood that you can choose.

Vinyl decking looks great and is going to give the exterior of your home an upgrade. Maintenance is low and the cost is similar to other decking materials. For a strong, fade resistant deck, consider vinyl decking for your next project. Visit a site like for more information.