Asphalt Paving: Why It’s Best For Your Customers

When your customers near completion of their homes, it's time for them to decide what type of driveway they want to have. While customers can have nearly any type of drive — from concrete to loose gravel to brick pavers — asphalt is a material worth promoting to your customers. Whether you outsource this work to an asphalt contractor or you have the tools and labor skills to do this type of driveway within your own company, here are reasons why asphalt paving is best for your customers.

Asphalt helps with water removal

Asphalt is a porous material, so any water that your customers will have on their property after they have their homes built and completed will be able to drain through their asphalt paving and into the earth. Promote this service to your customers to help them understand how having water drainage in a driveway is important to protecting a home's foundation, particularly if your customers have basements, live in a humid area, or have issues with soil erosion on the property already.

Asphalt helps improve curb appeal

When your customers see the curb appeal that an asphalt driveway can add to their property, they may be more likely to choose this material for their straight or circular drive. Asphalt is a black color by nature and can be coated to keep the surface shiny and dark. The material is easy to work with as far as planting flowers alongside the drive or lining the asphalt paving project with road base gravel or limestone to further customize the driveway.

Asphalt helps homeowners save money

Over time, an asphalt driveway can save your customers money because asphalt is easy to install, is cheap as far as parts and labor goes, and is also a low-maintenance, long-lasting material to work with. Since asphalt is recyclable and easy to find, the cost of materials is cheap to begin with, and the savings benefits continue from there. Promote this type of driveway option to your customers, particularly if they are drawn to concrete, so they can see the benefits in choosing asphalt paving instead.

It helps to compare the costs of installation and maintenance needs of other types of driveway materials with your customers so they can see for themselves the benefits of choosing asphalt paving for their homes. Once your customers have decided that asphalt paving will work for them, you can give them a quote for services and a schedule for completing the home project.

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