How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

Plenty of businesses provide roofing services, but there are some reasons why one roofing company may be better for your project than the next. Take a look at four aspects of a job you should discuss with a roofing contractor before you commit to hiring them.

Types of Materials

One of the biggest things that will separate one roofing operation from the next is the types of materials they're willing to work with. For example, many companies that work with metal only work with metal; they won't take on projects with shingles, for example. Similarly, a lot of folks who do shingled roofs solely do that.

Never assume a roofing company handles the materials you're looking to use. Directly ask them about the types of materials you're planning to use for your project.

Kinds of Roofs

The big distinction here tends to be between firms that handle flat roofs and ones that don't. A lot of businesses that work on flat roofs are dedicated to servicing commercial customers because those tend to be the most likely folks to have relatively flat structures.

Conversely, sloped roofs are largely a residential business. Also, some contractors will flat-out say no to very aggressively sloped roofs. Such jobs oftentimes require specialized equipment. Overall, some companies are happy to tackle either type of project—others will only do one or the other.

Roof Size and Complexity

Every business has limits to what it can do with its resources. If your building has a sizeable roof, for example, it may take a large crew to get the job done on time. The same applies if the roof has a lot of complex features, such as eaves, valleys, and dormers. It's wise to have each roofing contractor you're interested in working with come by to judge whether they can take on your job.

Availability and Price

Scheduling is a problem in the roofing industry, especially in regions where the weather limits how many days a year you can work. If you want to use a top-tier and in-demand roofing company for a job, be prepared to fit your project into their schedule.

Folks in the roofing business usually try to line jobs up a few months in advance by offering lower prices for committing early. You may be able to get a lower price by setting your project up for a month during a slower part of the roofing company's business calendar. 

Contact various roofing services to learn more or begin your project.