4 Common Boiler Issues That Require Professional Repair

If you have a boiler you use to heat your home, you need to make sure you understand the common boiler issues it could face. Understanding common boiler issues will allow you to know when you need to call in a professional boiler repair contractor to assist you.

Loud Banging

If your boiler makes a loud noise, such as a banging sound or a rumbling sound, your boiler is more than likely kettling.

Kettling happens when there are too many minerals in the water. This commonly occurs when you have hard water in your home and you don't have a filter that removes the hard water particles from the water before it goes into the boiler.

When your boiler starts the kittling process, not only is the sound annoying, but it can cause a dangerous leak as well. As soon as you notice, your boiler begins to make a banging or rumbling sound; you are going to want to get a professional to clean the mineral deposits in the tank. Then, you will want to set up a water filter that will keep the hard water out of your boiler in the first place.


If your boiler is leaking, you will want to find out where the leak is coming from. If the leak is coming from the tank, you have a big problem on your hands. A boiler tank usually leaks when the tank is starting to erode. In that case, the entire tank will need to be replaced. If the leak is coming from the pressure relief valve or the pump, those parts may need to be replaced.

Pilot Light Isn't Staying Lit

Another issue that can develop with a boiler is pilot light issues. If the pilot light isn't always turning on when it should, you need a technician to figure out what is wrong. Often, the ignition system or the pilot light mechanism may need to be repaired or replaced.

No Heat

Finally, if your boiler is not generating any heat, you will want to put in a call to a technician right away. A range of issues could be causing your boiler to not produce heat, from a broken safety switch to a broken pump or a misfunctioning thermostat.

If your boiler is making loud banging sounds, leaking water, not producing heat, or not keeping the pilot light lit, you are going to want to call a technician to come out and repair your unit.