Four Reasons to Outsource Management for Your Construction Project

Whether you have a large or small construction project, the key to success is to have a good monitoring system in place from start to finish. Outsourcing this work to a construction-monitoring service is often the best way to make sure the job is getting done right. The following are four reasons a construction-monitoring service will benefit your construction project. Help in estimating costs This type of service can be utilized from the concept and design phase. Read More 

What To Do If Your Concrete Driveway Is Spalling?

Concrete has more in common with a sponge than you might at first think. Pores are formed as the the concrete cures and the water, which made the concrete pourable, evaporates. As the water exists the concrete, it creates tiny holes or pores. Then, as the the concrete absorbs water from the ground below it, this water travels through these same holes as it evaporates and exits the concrete. While pores are normal in concrete, under some conditions they can cause spalling, and when that happens, you need to take steps to immediately fix the problem. Read More 

3 Things You Shouldn’t Ignore About Your Furnace In The Summer

One of the last appliances you likely think of in the summer is your furnace, especially when the temperatures climb as summer wears on. Just because you don't use your furnace doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of it so it's ready for winter. Here are 5 things you shouldn't ignore about your furnace just because it's summer. Filters Just like you have to regularly change or clean the filters on your air conditioning unit, the same needs to be done with your furnace, even when it is not in use. Read More 

Removing Old, Set-In Stains From Fabric Upholstery

If you have fabric-upholstered furniture with old stains, you might assume there's nothing you can do about the stain at this point. They're set-in now, after all. The term "set-in" is a bit misleading, however. Often, stains that have sat around for a long time are harder to remove than fresh stains, but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to remove them or at least fade them considerably. So before you throw that stained chair in the trash or walk by that otherwise-gorgeous upholstered chair at a yard sale, try these tips for fading or removing that old, set-in stain. Read More 

How Can You Tell If A Home Has Asbestos? And Other Frequently Asked Questions From Homebuyers

People purchasing older homes may find themselves wondering whether or not they should be concerned about the presence of asbestos. If you are a home buyer just now starting to look at real estate for purchase, knowing which properties are likely to have asbestos and what can be done about it can help you as you go through the buying process. How can you tell if a home has asbestos? Read More