Tips To Help You Landscape For Proper Moisture Drainage Around Your Home Perimeter

The vegetation and landscaped areas around your home's exterior creates an attractive space but is also essential to your home's protection. The manner in which the landscaping and hard- and soft-scaped areas are applied can increase your home's barrier of protection against outside moisture and prevent moisture intrusion. Here are some tips to help you create a beautifully landscaped perimeter around your home's foundation to allow for drainage and prevent home interior and basement moisture problems. Read More 

Tips To Get Your Home’s Exterior And Hardscape Areas Ready For Summer

After a winter of cold and icy weather, the weather warms up for spring, allowing you to begin to clean up around your home's exterior. Getting your lawn growing and free of weeds and cleaning out flower beds are just some of the tasks you can do to get your landscaping ready for summer. Here are some springtime tasks to help you get your home's exterior and hardscaped areas also looking great for the warm season. Read More 

A Submersible Well Pump Makes It Possible For You To Have A Deep Well On Your Property

Installing a well on your land can sometimes be more difficult than you originally imagine. In many areas, the water under the land is abundant and fairly close to the surface. If you own land where the water is hundreds of feet below the surface, you'll face some challenges with installing a well. However, it's still possible to have well water at that depth with the help of a submersible pump. Read More 

Ideas For Saving Money On Your Kitchen Remodel

If you're dreaming of remodeling your kitchen, but fear you can't fit it into your budget, there are some things you can do to cut costs. Unless you're trying to transform an older, small kitchen into an open gourmet space that requires knocking out walls, you can often completely transform the appearance and function of your kitchen with a few simple changes that save on money and make the renovation go quicker too. Read More 

Four Signs You Might Need A New Well Pump

If you rely on a well to fuel water to your home, you obviously want it to be fully functioning. After all, you won't have a water source if this is not the case. One of the most important features of the well is the well pump, so this definitely needs extra care and attention since the well will run dry without it. To prevent a failing pump, regular maintenance is needed. Read More